Squiddy Tweaks

So, results on the tweaks proposed to our democratically-designed Pokémon are as follows:

Turbo Wave, Squiddy’s V-Create-style signature move, is reduced in power from 180 to 160.

Base stats are unchanged.

Dark Pulse, Earth Power, Thunderbolt, Thunder, Ice Beam, Blizzard and Icy Wind stay; Giga Drain, Energy Ball, Volt Switch, Baton Pass and Calm Mind go.

Scald replaces Muddy Water as a level-up move.

(Thatswhatbradsaid; if you feel like doing another stat sheet with these revisions that’d be helpful, but if not I don’t mind doing it myself)

Now we need to tidy up a few flavour aspects.  There are three things I’d like to take submissions on now.

First is a name.  I can’t keep calling him Squiddy (er… or can I?).  Chewiana Jones, who initially created the steampunk squid concept, suggested Colosquiln, and another reader, Lucas, has suggested Boilossus, but I’d like to hear more ideas.  Personally I’m not sure that either of those sounds quite right, but, well, it’s not up to me!  There’ll be a vote on this just like everything else.  The main restriction to be aware of here is that Pokémon names are never longer than 10 characters (ironically enough, they also never have accented characters like é – in English, at least; I don’t know about the other European languages).  If you have an idea that’s in the 11-12 range, think about dropping one or two letters (as happened with the missing final vowel from Feraligatr, or what would have been a double-l in Victreebel).

The second thing is height and weight, which I actually want to fold in with the third thing: Pokédex entries, which should probably have some basis in Chewiana Jones’ original concept brief, although you don’t need to stick slavishly to it.  I’m hoping to get a bit of variety in the submissions for these things.  I’m going to say we need three (hypothetically, this would be one for Black, one for White, one for Black 2/White 2), and ideally you should submit a full set.  Pokédex entries aren’t long; they need to give all the information they possibly can about a Pokémon in perhaps two medium-length sentences.  Try to be concise.  Take a look at some existing entries to see the kind of length you should be shooting for.  You should also provide a ‘species classification’ – Pikachu is ‘the Mouse Pokémon,’  Bulbasaur is ‘the Seed Pokémon,’ and so on.  Don’t worry if the name you want is already in use – quite a few Pokémon have duplicate classifications (Espeon and Sunflora, for instance, are both ‘Sun Pokémon’).  Pokémon traditionally gives weight and height in pounds and feet, which is dumb, but, well, conventions are conventions, so that’s what your entries should do too.  You can give metric figures as well if you want to.  I think it’s kind of a given that Squiddy is pretty big, but how big?  Do remember that very few Pokémon are truly enormous – the largest one in existence, Wailord, is less than half the size of a real blue whale.

There is a fourth thing, which is a collection of miscellaneous game data: the experience points and effort points it grants when defeated, which experience curve it uses, how long its eggs take to hatch, its base happiness, and how easy it is to capture.  For most of these, I’ll just pick a couple of representative options myself and make a poll out of them; there’s not a whole lot to discuss (for example, base happiness is 70 for almost all non-legendary Pokémon, there are only six possible experience curves to choose from, and it’s something of a foregone conclusion that Squiddy will grant some combination of speed and special attack effort points).

Anyhow.  Anyone who wants to try writing a set of three Pokédex entries (with height and weight data and a classification) or coming up with a name should now send their suggestions to pokemaniac.chris@gmail.com.  Until next time!

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