Let’s Nuzlocke X

This is going to end horribly.

Let’s do it.

Rules are as follows:

1. As is standard in Hard Mode, or the ‘Nuzlocke Challenge’ as it is most often called, only one Pokémon may be captured on each route, and it must be the first wild Pokémon encountered – and of course, any Pokémon that is defeated in battle is killed and can no longer be used.

2. Because I am terrible enough at these without further restrictions, I’ll be playing with the ‘shift’ battle style that gives you a free switch after knocking out an opponent.  The Generation VI Exp. Share, on the other hand, is clearly too much to be reasonable and will be switched firmly off.

3. If I see a shiny Pokémon, I’m damn well catching it, regardless of the circumstances; I won’t use it though, unless it happens to be the first one I encounter in an area.

4. If the whole team is wiped, I am slain along with them in an inappropriately comical fashion and my journey ends, even if there are still Pokémon alive in the PC.

5. Because of reasons, I need to practice my German.  Therefore, that’s the language I’ll be playing in.  My German is appalling.  What could possibly go wrong?

6. This is almost certainly going to be a very, very silly Nuzlocke.

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