X Nuzlocke, extra dialogue: Luna and ???

Luna the Skitty finds herself in a strange place, being questioned by a mysterious silhouetted figure.

Luna: Kidnapped by mysterious assailants, and taken to a dark room, with sparse decoration, the distant sound of running water, and a faint but unmistakeable whiff of nutmeg… funny, it all reminds me in the strangest way of the beginning of my last romantic conquest.  I wonder where this could be going?
???: That depends entirely on your level of compliance, murderer.  Serve us in the manner to which you are suited, and you may yet stand to profit.  Defy us, and our association will be… less pleasant.
Luna: Oh, you had me at “murderer.”  Flattery will get you everywhere; do go on.
???: First: how much do you remember of how you came to be here?
Luna: Mmm… well, I recall being attacked… ambushed, in fact.  Presumably by friends of yours.  I was subdued, bound… hooded, apparently in an endearing but ultimately futile attempt to keep me from realising that we are currently in an underground complex in the centre of Lumiose City…
???: What?  How-?
Luna: Oh, don’t feel bad; I’ve made much more complicated journeys while unconscious without completely losing my bearings.  I’m sure your friends did their best.  Now, why don’t we get on with why I’m here?
???: I speak for… a group that has come to blows with your previous employer.
Luna: Ah… rival drug cartel, is it?  Well, I’m sorry to say that my dealings with the Rustboro Rocketeers ended violently within a few days of their first engaging my services, so any information I can offer would be-.
???: Rustboro Rocke- what are you talking about?
Luna: My previous employer.
???: Wh-!?  I was referring to the Braixen sorceress known as Ruby!
 Luna: Ohhhh.  I see.  You haven’t been keeping a very close eye on me since then, I suppose.  That’s disappointing.  Well in that case you must work for Team Flare.
???: Team Flare, murderer, work for me, and for the master I represent.
Luna: Master, hmm?  You’re not the one in charge around here, then?  Maybe I should be talking to the one who holds the purse strings…
???: My master is… indisposed at present.  It is difficult for him to address others directly, due to his preferred environment… among other things.  I, however, speak and act with his full authority.
Luna: Hmm.  Well, you’ll do for now, then.  So, putting two and two together, I can only assume that I am here because you have tried and failed to bring dear Ruby to justice, and now wish me to pick up the slack, as it were?  And what is it, exactly, that makes you think I will succeed where you have failed, when your little friends were somehow able to capture me?
???: You will have the support of our organisation, of course.  And you are able to take certain actions that we cannot.
Luna: And what would those be?
???: We are sworn to serve life in all things.  To kill another Pokémon would break that vow.
Luna: Really?  You are sworn never to kill, yet here I stand, unrestrained, alone in a room with you?  Perhaps I have been underestimating the strength of my negotiating position.
???: I cannot kill you, murderer.  I can certainly make you wish I could.  Do not tempt me.
Luna: [raised eyebrow] I know hollow bravado when I hear it, o ‘mysterious one.’  But I’ll play along.  Why, then, should I help you?
???: Your crimes are well known to us.  Refuse, and you will be imprisoned here without trial.
Luna: [yawn] Unusually confident in our prison facilities, are we?
???: [ahem] Accept, on the other hand…
Luna: Ah… here we go…
???: …your crimes, both against Team Flare and against all others, will be forgotten, and you will be granted a place with us among the lords of the beautiful new world we are working to create.
Luna: [disappointed] Oh.  And here I thought you would have something more interesting to offer me than the usual nonsense you pour on your initiates.  I’m afraid I just have better things to do than wait around for the success of whatever crackpot scheme you’re running. [sigh] Ah well.  It’ll be a surprise inspection of the prison, then, I suppose…
???: We can also offer you great riches and luxuries.
Luna: Mmm…?
???: Look to your left.  On the shelf, in that alcove…
Luna: Ooh, this is so exciting… ah!  Now, what is this? [picks up an object] A Moon Stone.  You really do know how to get a girl’s attention, don’t you?
???: The stone is a gift of goodwill.  Yours to keep, and to use if you wish, regardless of what follows.  Serve us well, and the rewards will be a dozen times greater.
Luna: [grins] You know… I think perhaps we may be able to come to an understanding after all…

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