Anonymous asks:

What’s one event in the pokemon anime that you would change if you could?

Tricky… I think anything I would want to change about the anime would involve more sweeping changes of style or worldbuilding, stuff that you can’t really get rid of by changing a single event.  I mean, there are things that annoy me – like Primeape leaving Ash in the way and at the time that he did, I think was really rather misplayed – but I don’t know if any of those are worth the kind of “if you could change one thing” idea that you’re getting at.  I suppose more than anything else I would want (if it counts as just “one event”) to fix the cutting off of the GS Ball storyarc, which at the time seemed like it would be really important but ultimately was just forgotten after Ash left the ball with Kurt.  I’m just not sure what I would necessarily do with it…

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