Anonymous asks:

Could you kiiiiindly use the Alolan forms as an excuse to write your usual reviews for some of the older Pokémon? So, like, you could write about Rattata/Raticate or Cubone/Marowak and use that to talk about both the Kantonian and Alolan forms! It would give you a great excuse to wildly speculate about Pokémon ecology and evolution (in the real-life sense) 😉

Without getting too much into future plans – I am going to be doing something with older Pokémon after I finish talking about generation VII, but it’s not going to be in the same style as my usual reviews.  There will probably also be a general article about the Alolan forms as a group, sort of like what I did for mega evolution in generation VI, and I’ll do my best to talk about the most interesting ones there.

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