Anonymous asks:

If you could choose to give a group of older, competitively irrelevant Pokemon the Ninetales/Politoed treatment with Electric/Grassy/Psychic/Misty Terrain setting abilities, then which would you choose? BONUS: What about auto-Trick, Magic and Wonder Rooms, and auto-Gravity?

Hmmm… good question…

Well, for Grassy Terrain the first thing that comes to mind is Florges because it fits her flavour perfectly, but Florges doesn’t really suck enough to deserve that kind of buff; likewise Torterra… Bellossom or Sunflora, I would rather give something that emphasised their solar connections… I feel like it kind of makes sense for Wormadam but would interact weirdly with her alternate forms… what about Leafeon?  Yeah… yeah I think Leafeon is a good pick for this.

Electric Terrain, I think, has to be Electrode, almost no contest; it’s terrible, and all of the abilities it has now are basically terrible.  I mean, maybe one of the Pikachu clones would also make sense (I guess Pachirisu’s earned it, right?) but since I am irrational and object to their existence, we’ll just ignore them for now.

The Psychic Terrain ability… what would be really cool here, I think, would be for Slowking to get Psychic Terrain, so as to split him off a bit more from Slowbro and give him something to contest Slowbro’s ability to mega evolve.  Slowking is admittedly a decent Pokémon already and probably doesn’t need this as much as, say, Mr. Mime or Hypno, but Mega Slowbro is far enough above him right now that I think it’s justified.

Flavour-wise I actually really like Lapras for Misty Terrain, and the fact that she’s not a Fairy-type isn’t hugely important because Misty Terrain doesn’t boost Fairy attacks’ power and its dampening effect on Dragon-type moves is actually more useful to non-Fairy Pokémon.  With her Ice attacks to boot, I imagine this makes Lapras a pretty solid counter to at least some Dragon Pokémon.

Auto-Gravity so obviously belongs with Lunatone and Solrock; it’s just a shame that they have so much to lose by ditching Levitate.  Gothitelle would also make a lot of sense, seeing as Game Freak is still showing no inclination to unlock her Shadow Tag ability.  Auto-Trick Room is really dangerous… I’m concerned that if you give it to something very slow, then you probably cause horrible things to happen, and I’d rather give it to something middling.  Hypno, I think, makes a lot of sense, as does Spinda.  Stantler should probably get something, and auto-Magic Room might be interesting (he already gets Frisk, so item interaction is kind of already a thing for him).  Auto-Wonder Room would be really interesting to give to a Pokémon whose defence stats are very skewed in one direction, like Alakazam, except Alakazam is obviously good enough already.  I think Mr. Mime would be very thematically appropriate because of the invisible wall thing.

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