Anonymous asks:

While playing Black, I encountered a Youngster near the Cold Storage who claims to be a gym leader’s son and fights with Bug types. Is that Clay’s kid? I mean Burgh doesnt seem to be old enough to have a kid who is a trainer….

I feel you should know that this question resulted in a deeply uncomfortable conversation between me and Jim the Editor about whether Bugsy, from the generation II games, could possibly be old enough to have fathered a child, including a line about whether he is able to “produce the… requisite… y’know.”  The answer, for the record, is “OF COURSE NOT HE’S F&$#ING TWELVE”

And then I went and searched for a Let’s Play video of the relevant bit of the game from Youtube in order to look for the asshole in question and find his word-for-word dialogue, and all he actually says is “My dad is working in a Gym!  I am receiving special training there!“  So his dad isn’t necessarily a Gym Leader at all; he’s probably just some random trainer on a Gym Leader’s payroll who hangs out and helps people train, just like we see in most Gyms.

Jim: so this whole conversation was for nothing?
Me: Gonna be honest
Me: seems like

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