Anonymous asks:

I was reading you latest sm update and when you were talking about how the gods are twerps it reminded me of (i’m so sorry) how umm.. certain kinds of people tend to look at native/pacific islander religions and traditions as silly and superstitious (this isnt a judgement call I SWEAR)

Don’t apologise; I invoked the trope myself in an earlier chapter:

“I mean, I want to get rid of Alola’s whacko bird cults and volcano rituals and freaky voodoo $#!t as much as anyone.  You could at least cut out the human sacrifices.”  Kukui goes stony-faced at that.
“How did you know about-?”
“Didn’t.  I was totally going off random guesswork and thinly-veiled racism.  Until now.  Seriously, dude!?”

The point of the “thinly-veiled racism” line is that (in-character) I just assumed the Alolans practised human sacrifice because they seemed to me like the sort of people who would.

The line you’re talking about is something different, though – the point of that comment was that it was supposed to come from the perspective of someone who actually has dealt with gods before (Giratina, Arceus, etc, whom we have met in previous games)… and has not been impressed.

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