Nakedviolentedpenguin asks:

we have to wait a long time for Ultra Beast reviews, so i want to know some of your thoughts (maybe “review snippets” about Pheromosa, Kartana, Nihilego and Celesteela. (Dont care about the rest, but if you will…)

I don’t really want to comment on them individually before I’ve thought it through properly; you’ll just have to wait, I’m afraid (and I really haven’t properly examined them; off the top of my head I don’t even know what type Kartana is).  On the Ultra Beasts generally… well, aesthetically they definitely succeed at being “alien” and making you wonder “wait, are these even Pokémon?  What else could they be?”  I’m a little sceptical of the Beast Boost ability; it’s certainly strong, but I think I would have preferred abilities that differentiated them a little more.  Obviously it functions differently for different Beasts because it boosts different stats, but because it works as a momentum-building ability, that kinda just serves to make it much better for the aggressive ones who want to be sweeping (e.g. Pheromosa) than for the defensive ones who want to be tanking (e.g. Guzzlord).

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