Anonymous asks:

What are some Sinnoh locations you’re excited to see in 3D, when that comes? I’m personally excited for the three lakes, Floaroma (them flowers man), Sunyshore (considering what they did to Mauville in ORAS…), Stark Mountain (laaaavaaaa!), and of course the Arceus-damn Distortion World!

Y’know, other than the Distortion World I’m not sure anything really sticks out.  I’d like to see what they’d do with the Gyms, though; some of the revamped Gyms from Alpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby were pretty cool, and it’d be nice to see, say, the Eterna and Pastoria Gyms get that treatment.  Honestly though, I’m not super excited about anything that a Sinnoh remake would do, and once we get into the fourth generation I’m not sure updated graphics are a huge draw anymore; the originals hold up a lot better than the third generation games did.

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