Anonymous asks:

How do you reckon Ghost Pokémon feel (or would feel) about Ho-oh’s death-defying, life-bringing power, particularly those who are explicitly ghosts like Yamask, Phantump, and Gengar? How would Cubone feel if it knew there’s a Pokémon that might be able to bring its mother back? Would Ho-oh’s power turn Shedinja into a new Nincada, or Ninjask? How does it relate to Xerneas and Yveltal? There’s so much potential for Ho-oh’s revival power that I feel is greatly underexplored in the series…


Interesting.  There’s probably a lot you can do with that.  There’s a great deal we don’t know about Ho-oh’s resurrection power and its limits, which I would assume other Pokémon don’t know either.  What “cost” does resurrecting a Pokémon have (some of Ho-oh’s own life force?)?  Would they come back altered in some way, like Suicune and the others?  Can Ho-oh still do it for a Pokémon who died long ago, or whose body has been destroyed?  Putting ourselves in the position of, say, Yamask (assuming we believe the respective backstories of all these Pokémon, which I’m not absolutely certain I do, but just for the sake of argument let’s run with it) – you know there’s something out there that can help you, but it won’t, and no one understands why it won’t, because everyone who’s ever seen it done died themselves long ago.  And then there are Pokémon like Drifloon, Lampent, and especially Dusknoir, who seem to act as agents of the spirit world and deliver souls there – I can imagine some of them being very much not happy about the prospect of the dead being restored to life.  I don’t think Yveltal is a fundamental force in the way that, say, Giratina seems to be; it just kills things to sustain its own life, so I suspect it wouldn’t care one way or another what Ho-oh gets up to, but Zygarde, self-appointed keeper of order and balance that it is, might get uppity about violations of the natural circle of life.  Finally, there are Pokémon who are dead and, for the good of everyone, should stay that way – Spiritomb, who is made of the souls of 108 unrepentant criminals.  Could Ho-oh ever be coerced into resurrecting someone who ought to remain dead and buried?  Lots you could do with this.

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