Anonymous asks:

All things considered (gameplay, graphics, nostalgia, Pokémon Roster, storyline, miscellaneous shit… you name it), what is your Top 7 Pokémon Generations?

Without getting into detail (because you could spend hours, maybe days, arguing about this without coming to a conclusion anyone would agree on, and I just don’t want to go there and don’t think it’s particularly useful):

VI (including the remakes of III) is my favourite
VII second (could split this; VII is definitely first in atmosphere and world-building, but I like VI’s plot and Pokémon designs better, and those are arguably more important)
The remakes of II are third
V is fourth (arguably first or second in plot, but I’ve always been meh on a lot of other aspects, including Pokémon design)
IV (excluding the remakes of II) is fifth
II is sixth
III (including the remakes of I) is seventh
I is last, because even though it has huge nostalgia appeal for me, I can’t get past the fact that it’s an unbalanced glitchy mess (which, weirdly, is itself part of the nostalgia appeal)

i.e. I mostly think they’ve gotten better over time.  Which… well, if they didn’t, you’d stop buying them, right?

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