Anonymous asks:

If you had to make a generic normal type rodent pokemon (like ratatta and zigzagoon) what kind of thing would you like to make? No cop outs like “I wouldn’t!” or ‘put ratatta in the game!”

I think you could make something interesting with a wombat Pokémon that evolves into one of the big extinct megafauna marsupials, like a diprotodon or a marsupial lion (Australia-inspired region…?).  Not actually rodents, of course, but then, most of them aren’t taxonomically rodents (we’ve had mustelids, procyonids, lagomorphs and feliforms), so I’d say we’re probably in the clear on that score.  Give ‘em biiiiig fμ¢&-off claws; wombats have nasty claws.  I still think we need some additional twist on this to make it a properly fleshed-out Pokémon and not just a cartoon version of a real animal, but it’ll do for a start.

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