Anonymous asks:

Alternative explanation to why Wishi Washi is allowed to cheat (which is more funny than serious): No one wants to argue with the eldritch horror of the deep. Although I wonder what the rules are in double battles when the trainer’s Wishi Washi joins the rival Wishi Washi’s school. Or maybe there’s a sort of exception for Pokemon like Vespiqueen where it’s just a biological mechanism or something like that. I would say maybe we’re just overthinking it, but overthinking’s where all the fun is.

Maybe there are some Pokémon that are just usually trained by lawyers because they’re the only ones who can keep track of the rules.

But yeah, to an extent, overthinking is kind of the point.  I actually really like the idea that, for instance, traditional Alolan Pokémon training might just have a bunch of weird rules like this – Wishiwashi is allowed to do this because it just is – and when they move to integrate themselves with other Leagues around the world, run by trainers who aren’t familiar with Alolan Pokémon, it could potentially be a huge challenge to figure out the legality of certain Alola-specific moves and abilities.  It would sort of make a great deal of sense for regional Leagues to have slightly different rules because they’ve just never thought very hard about Pokémon that don’t exist within their regions.  The guy setting up the nascent Alola League, Professor Kukui, is actually the perfect person to negotiate any disputes from the Alolans’ side, because he’s an expert on Pokémon attacks and techniques, something that probably demands fairly deep rules knowledge as well as an understanding of the relevant physics and biology.  This is the sort of thing that we’re almost certainly never going to see litigated, because minutiae like this are just not what the Pokémon games or anime are about, but to me it’s really interesting to imagine how conflicts like this could arise and how they would be solved.

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