[Don’t worry, you’re the ONLY Chris the Pokemaniac] asks:

I saw your recent post…and with that being said:. Seeing how regular and….. irregular Pokemon can be found in other universes…could it be that Pokemon could be descendents of ultra beasts? Or is this something Chris the pokemaniac doesn’t want to get into?

So, I’ve had this suggested to me before, and it doesn’t strike me as wildly unlikely, but I’m also not sure I can think of any good reason to actually believe it.

I think Pokémon as a franchise likes to keep some things intentionally mysterious, and the origin of life on its version of Earth is one of them.  However, it’s at least somewhat amenable to something like the panspermia hypothesis – the idea that very simple life, or its chemical precursors, might be commonplace in the universe and could have spread to Earth from extraterrestrial sources rather than developing here spontaneously.  I doubt Pokémon are descended from Ultra Beasts as we know them, but from some microorganism that emerged from Ultra Space a billion years ago?  Sure.  Or, from some microorganism that arrived on an asteroid a billion years ago?  Sure.  Or, and I think this is what people actually mean when they make this suggestion, from some ancestral Ultra Beast that wandered through to Alola in ancient times?  That one seems to me less likely but yeah, whatever.

Or, and I really think that this makes just as much sense based on the evidence we have, maybe Ultra Beasts are descended from Pokémon?  Why couldn’t it be the other way around, just as easily?  Maybe Earth is the source of life, and Ultra Beasts are what happens to our organisms after a billion years of evolution in the wilds of Ultra Space?  Or… they could just be completely unrelated, and that would also kind of make sense, because the Ultra Beasts are explicitly supposed to be thematically related to invasive species, creatures that just do not belong in an ecosystem.  The fact that there are apparently humans who are native to Ultra Space just makes things even worse, because they in turn could be the ancestors of the first humans on Earth, or the descendants of humans who left Earth.  Or, yes, even they could be unrelated, because people talk about the Ultra Wormholes leading to another dimension, and the ruin world where you can encounter Guzzlord seems like an alternate universe version of Hau’oli City, so maybe that’s what the people of Ultra Megalopolis are: a version of humanity that independently developed on a world which is almost, but not quite, Earth.  But then those parallel worlds could also have been cross-pollinated through Ultra Wormholes and influenced the development of other versions of themselves…

So… y’know… whatever.  You can probably think of valid reasons to believe just about anything you want, as far as anything with “ultra” in its name is concerned.

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