Alolan Bidoof asks:

If it were up to you, what would you give to the inevitable 1000th pokemon to commemorate it?

Hmm.  I suppose it feels as if there should be something special about #1000, doesn’t there?  You know, one thing you could do would be to have a contest to let a fan design a Pokémon – obviously with some tidying up by Game Freak’s design team in between the winning entry and the finished game.  I think if I were in that position I might restrict the contest to residents of Japan, just to keep the scale manageable and make it easier to get some back-and-forth between the winner and Game Freak over how the design would be interpreted for the final game (but you could have a bunch of other regional contests in the rest of East Asia, Europe, North America and so on for the #980, #990, #1010, etc. slots).  That, to me, would feel more special than any gimmick that could be added to the design of the Pokémon itself.

5 thoughts on “Alolan Bidoof asks:

  1. I remember that the creators of Dr Who did that once – let a kid design a monster for the show. The guy now has his own YouTube channel and he submitted an interesting video where he said how it was both the best day of his life, but it also ruined his life cause of the bullying he got afterwards. The episode turned out to be not so great. He was glad that he did it, though, despite it all.


    1. I remember the episode. It was… fine, I guess? There’s always a bit of a danger when you let your audience create content for you that it’ll turn out kinda meh. There’s such a huge fan culture of designing fakemon that I think there’d have to be a few really solid ones to choose a winner from.

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    1. I think I’m very late for the ‘Lets be excited for Sword and Shield’ party, but I’m so hyped x_x. I’m worried I’ll be disappointed.. I didn’t even bother with Eevee/Pikachu (though, my not yet having a Switch is partly why).

      Did they say what move? Like, is it for the legendary? Or just a general anyone-can-use-it move like Tackle?


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