Big Fan Love Your Work asks:

I didn’t want to ask, but I feel like someone – if not me or your own train of thinking – was going to eventually regardless: do you have any personal feelings on the stance of this “Dexit”? It’s a pretty volatile situation so I can understand not wanting to take a side, but it’s really, uh … blown up.

You are correct, but a little bit late – it’s already happened.
When we first found out about all this, I, in my usual infuriatingly contrarian way, felt that it was a relatively minor piece of news about something that was eventually inevitable, and basically stopped thinking about it until I realised that the rest of the Pokémon community was in the process of declaring a holy war over it. That post contains pretty much all I care to say about the matter; people are welcome to argue about it in the comments, but I shall ignore them.

2 thoughts on “Big Fan Love Your Work asks:

  1. Man is this a refreshing take to see. It was completely inevitable, probably won’t affect the metagame much, will be almost completely impossible to see when you play the story (which is severely underrated), and people are STILL having an outbreak of entitled gamer syndrome over it.

    It is TIRING.

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  2. I don’t feel anything at all about the dexcut and I think “most people realistically have never or very rarely transferred mons between gens” is a valid take … so I just hate the divide/rift this has caused in the fandom, and the amount of pure … malice and vitriol from such a vocal minority. This isn’t going to effect the sales notably, SWSH is still going to be a hit and most people that pick it up are going to love it. That’s the nature of Pokemon. It’s not going to be radicalized because some loud jerks disagree with the design, and I hope all these “dexiters” are faced with that when the game drops.

    Just really tilted over all the hatemail Game Freak and Masuda have been receiving, not to mention the state of the subreddit …


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