Tapu Wooloo asks:

Could the Chairman Rose arc be a commentary on modern-day capitalism? Real-world competitive sports is a lucrative business full of shady sponsors. And Dynamaxing seems to be an investment that is extremely gimmicky yet highly profitable (larger stadiums and audiences become necessary), so it would make sense for the chairman to invest in it. Like the decisions of many real world corporations, the decision to put Dynamaxing front and center has left behind towns like Spikemuth. And like real world corporate bosses, Chairman Rose is willing to risk destroying the entire world in pursuit of his investment.

Just giving a very quick and brief answer to this here because I’m actually working on my article on Chairman Rose right now, and am working through how I want to do my full-length take on this. The short answer, though, is “yes, that is absolutely how I see this story as well.”

2 thoughts on “Tapu Wooloo asks:

  1. Hm!
    Chairman Rose was probably the nicest villain of any Pokémon game yet, as soon as his plan failed he was like “Oh dear I’m terribly sorry” and even turned himself in. He also behaved quite affably both pre- and post Surprise Villain Twist Moment. (And on top of that he’s probably the best looking character in the entire series – imo.) All this could possibly be intentional, considering the contradictary(ish) nature of making capitalist commentary /as/ a large corporation…


    1. I like to think that making Chairman Rose a nice person was part of the point. He wasn’t a mwahahahaha super-evil type of villain, he was just following the capitalist incentives laid out for him the way anyone would do in his situation. Although that might be too woke for Game Freak.


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