Thoughts on the recent Pokémon Direct

If you’re interested to get my thoughts and reactions on the Pokémon Direct broadcast from a couple of days ago, which announced two upcoming downloadable expansions to Sword and Shield, I just wrote something on it for PokéJungle, which you can find here: I will say that I wrote this in Denver airport, near the end of a 36-hour-long Saturday, as I was beginning to hear colours, so if I have missed something you’d like to know my opinions on, do bring it up in the comments on this post. Please also be aware, however, that I now intend to sleep for approximately seventeen days.

6 thoughts on “Thoughts on the recent Pokémon Direct

  1. Who’s doing your editing over there? I’ve seen a couple of typos already, and I’m only just past the Mystery Dungeon part of your article.

    Clearly Jim does a better job, is all I’m sayin’.

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  2. I thought at first that the numbers of Pokemon they’re adding back. (~400 Base + ~100 Armour + ~100 Crown) leaves the numbers about right for a second pass, with a 3rd and 4th DLC to come in 2021. But the geography of that doesn’t work very well.

    If the Base game is England+Wales, Armour is Ireland, and Crown is Scotland. That kinda means there’s nowhere else to go… You could maybe wring one out of the Channel Islands, but beyond that..?



      1. Could be either way, too early to make a call. But I went with Ireland just because during the trailer when they zoomed in on the map to show where the IoA would be they went way too far north (north on the galar map, south of the UK) for it to be Man.

        Then again geography was never their strong suit so hayho.


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