What is a Dag? asks:

What things/animals would like to see as inspiration for Pokemon in future installments?

Well, here’s a bunch of ideas on this theme that I’ve spat out over the years:


But you asked, so I suppose I should come up with a couple of other things that could be used as starting points…

  • Horned lizards can squirt blood from their eyes, which… well, I dunno if that does you any actual good but it’s pretty metal.
  • Climbing perch are fish that can walk and supposedly even climb trees, and by god, there has to be something you can do with that.
  • Naked mole rats are blind, cold-blooded, hairless rodents that live like ants, in massive hives with queens, and are mysteriously immune to both pain and cancer; and frankly that might, if anything, be too weird to make a Pokémon out of.
  • Therizinosaurus is a massive, terrifying dinosaur with vicious scythe claws, a close-ish cousin of “raptors” like Dromaeosaurus and Deinonychus, that apparently decided at some point in its evolution “fµ¢£ this super-predator shit; I’m going veggie.”

Any of those would be fun, I reckon.

12 thoughts on “What is a Dag? asks:

    1. Well, I don’t *quite* know if this is what regular reader and commenter The Dag means by it, but where I come from it means a nugget of dried $#!t stuck in an animal’s fur near its butthole…


  1. Reread the first article, aaaall the way back in 2012, and mmmm, that sweet sweet hubris.

    Oh yeah gamefreak i did this pokeman in like a half hour what about u lol.

    I pity the official devs sometimes. I mean, ever since I heard about the stats, typing, and moves of any design coming from “the battle team” instead of the designer, I’ve kinda wanted to go murder the people on “the battle team”.


  2. I personally still crave a gryphon-based pokemon that starts off as a tiny ball of chirps and floof and turns into a terrifying harbinger of death and destruction that is still full of chirps and floof.

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  3. There’s a quote attributed to Einstein about not judging fish by their ability to climb trees. Apparently some perch heard it and took completely the wrong idea from it?

    Okay, that dinosaur would definitely be Grass/Rock. Because Pokemon that exaggerate their basis are the best kind, and enough plant Pokemon exist that veganism doesn’t really mean anything in that world anyway.

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  4. I’ve long wanted to see a horned lizard Pokemon that shoots sand out of its eyes. And you could evolve it into some kind of bipedal dragon that’s partially based on a laser-eyed robot; except instead of shooting laser beams it shoots sand.


    1. I mean, we now have a cobra that shoots sand out of its nostrils. The possibilities are endless. 😀


  5. Back in the day, all those many years ago – ages actually, how time flies by! – when I first battled May’s Combusken on Route 109, my immediate thought was “Omg that’s a Therizinosaurus!”

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  6. My go-to answer for this question is always the shocking pink dragon millipede. We still don’t have a Bug/Dragon yet and I really want one.

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