Anonymous asks:

Quick! Describe a concept for a Ice/Poison type Pokemon!

I feel like this has come up before… yeah, here we go.

I can come up with ideas, they’re just sort of hackneyed, and not really very elegant.  The polar regions aren’t known for poisonous or venomous animals in the real world, so there’s not a lot of inspiration that obviously lends itself to Ice/Poison.  You kind of wind up producing either a polar animal with venom slapped on it out of nowhere, or a venomous animal with ice powers slapped on it out of nowhere… hmm.

Okay, mild flash of inspiration, maybe something based on a glass frog, with hints of poison dart frog for good measure?  See-through skin made of ice, poisonous glands… steps on Toxicroak’s toes a bit, but that’s all right if we make it weird enough… maybe the skin splinters when it’s injured, and the shards inflict poison?  Maybe make it a stained-glass frog, with lots of bright colours?  But then you’re drifting away from anything that justifies making it an Ice-type… I suppose this is a start, anyway.

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