The Dag asks:

Who would win in a dance-off? Ludicolo, Oricorio, Bellossom, Sudowoodo, Maractus, Jynx, or you?

Okay, so, the easy part first: I cannot dance, and I come dead last.  I will, however, sabotage all the other contestants by spiking their drinks.  I’m not trying to tip the competition towards anyone in particular; I just think it would be hilarious.

Now, what are the dance skills of all these Pokémon like?


  • Empowered by festive music, dances compulsively
  • Excellent taste in accessories – could use more fruit
  • Naturally learns Teeter Dance and Rain Dance
  • TCG cards have a wide range of powerful dance-related moves and abilities, including Swing Dance, Mad Dance and Captivating Rhythm


  • Versed in four different dance styles from around the world
  • Dances invoke a range of emotions and magical effects
  • Naturally learns Feather Dance and Teeter Dance
  • Has Revelation Dance as its signature move
  • Can “steal” dances from other Pokémon with the Dancer ability
  • TCG cards all use dances like Vital Dance, Supernatural Dance and Captivating Salsa to create powerful and varied effects


  • Performs beautiful musical dances to praise the sun
  • Excellent group choreography
  • Naturally learns Quiver Dance and Petal Dance, with Teeter Dance as an egg move
  • Some TCG cards have dance-related attacks or support abilities, including Heal Dance, Green Dance and Dance ‘til Dawn


  • Clearly enjoys dancing but has no mechanical abilities to back it up
  • Doesn’t seem to be known for dancing
  • Can copy others’ dances with moves like Mimic and Copycat
  • Learns Flail, I guess???


  • Dances to keep bird Pokémon from eating it
  • It’s a living, I guess
  • Naturally learns Petal Dance
  • One TCG card has an okay-ish move called Dazzle Dance


  • Communicates using a sign language based on dance
  • Can compel others to dance along with it
  • Does not naturally learn any dance moves but, like Sudowoodo, can use Copycat
  • Two TCG cards carry decent moves called Mysterious Dance and Strange Dance

I think Oricorio is the clear winner, with its highly varied repertoire and ability to copy additional styles of dance from others.  Ludicolo and Bellossom are just about neck-and-neck for second place, and I think it largely depends on whether this is a solo or group performance.  Sudowoodo is second-to-last, in front of me, but receives a special award for having the most fun.  Maractus gets nothing because Maractus will always be bad at everything (I don’t make the rules, I just enforce them).  Jynx gives a decent performance but is disqualified after all the judges are mystically compelled to join the dance, then wake up the next morning in a ditch outside town clutching an empty bottle of absinthe and wearing nothing but a leopardskin thong.

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