A Particularly Persnickety Probopass asks:

What’s wrong with me?

listen, Probopass, we’ve been over this

you were the dumbest Pokémon of the generation for two generations running, which by all rights shouldn’t even have been possible

you’re a moai, but you’re also a compass, and you have a terrible moustache, and for some reason you have small flying noses, and I won’t say there’s nothing clever or interesting or redeemable in there, but at the end of the day you’re a big red nose with a stone idiot hanging off it

13 thoughts on “A Particularly Persnickety Probopass asks:

    1. Just because things are good individually doesn’t mean they’re good together. I love a good steak. Love my dark chocolate. Big fan of kittens. I would not like a dark chocolate covered kitten steak.

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      1. I agree with the general principle, but I don’t think it applies to Probopass. Moai, compasses, terrible moustaches and small flying noses go together like apples, cinnamon, ginger and a hint of nutmeg!

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  1. Chris, Probopass is gen 4. I know sometimes you have terrible, terrible taste (as displayed here) so I remind you: if you say Probopass is “the worst pokémon for two gens straight” you’re giving up your right to the garbage take that garbodor is the worst Pokémon in gen 5.


  2. I think in overanalyzing Pokemon, we often forget that it’s a kids’ game about storing cartoon monsters in balls. Meaning we all have to accept silly designs like the apple pie dragon and the rock with a mustache and three “mini-noses.”


  3. Probopass more like PooPooPass *nailed it*

    Fun fact: Prominant Trainers use it three games in a row: Wilkstrom in X/Y – Roxanne in ORAS – Olivia in SMoon. Thank god it wasn’t in SwiSh or else Rose would’ve probably used one to match his face-fuzz.

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    1. Out of all the characters you named, I feel like Rose would’ve made the most sense to actually *have* a Probopass.


  4. Funny, all those tie into its theme as a magnetic compass. The mustache are like those iron fibers in those magnetic mustache toys, like Wooly Willy, where you use a magnetic wand to manipulate black metal fibers underneath a plastic casing above a cartoon man’s face to give him different types of facial hair. And the “mini noses” make Probopass look like an actual compass (with the big red nose being the big red arrow pointing north, and the mini noses being the smaller arrows pointing in the other three directions) when looked at from above. Even the moai face refers to how moais are usually built to be facing the center of an island, whereas Probopass, and its pre-evolution, point to the magnetic center of the world.

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