particle asks:

What would you think about scalar-typing? To keep it simpler you could have half, normal, and double value typings. STAB, weaknesses and resistances just get multiplied by .5 or 2. Girafarig could be normal & half-psychic, golem could be double-rock, maybe something like bibarel could be strictly half-water.

My worry is that it sort of… makes the game more complicated without adding any actual strategic depth.  You’re still multiplying together a bunch of factors to figure out whether you can KO a given Pokémon with a given attack in one shot, or two, or three; there are still going to be some Pokémon that survive particular super-effective attacks and others that don’t.  The decision-making processes, both in team building and during battles, are going to be the same; there’s just more variables to keep track of.  I’m not sure there’s any compelling reason for it either; I don’t think there are any Pokémon that really need half- or double-strength types to properly express their identity.  Also, double STAB would be crazy powerful and the idea makes me nervous.  Pokémon already has some pretty big damage multipliers and I don’t think we need bigger ones.

P.S. Merry Christmas to readers who celebrate it, and happy solstice to those who don’t.  I’m just sitting here in my made-up paradise country enjoying the summer sun and the freedom to gather in groups with people outside my household, so… uh… don’t worry about me, and stay safe, everyone – especially those in the US and UK.

8 thoughts on “particle asks:

  1. That Merry Christmas reads like a Mayor delivering an address to a town in drought about solidarity in the community, all from his pool on his private island.

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    1. Granted, not quite as cruel because while Chris did rub salt in the wound he’s not personally responsible for our misery in any way (unlike a mayor who runs a town, is responsible for its vulnerable socioeconomic state, and is supposed to fight such emergencies).

      I mean. As far as we know he’s not responsible. I’m not on the dark council so I’m not aware of all the going ons.


      1. You’re right, it reads more like a mayoral assistant, someone who isn’t responsible for suffering, but is still benefitting from his position within said suffering.


  2. Wasn’t aware that you made it back to NZ and still thought you were in Ohio. The mention of being in a made up paradise country seemed real weird for a sec.


      1. In March, just after my university shut down all in-person classes. They didn’t need me to be there physically for teaching anymore, so we figured it was best for me to leave, just in case… well… 2020 happened.


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