Anonymous asks:

Are you more of a cat person or a dog person? Which cat and dog Pokémon are your favorites?

I’m definitely a cat person; no offence to dogs, but I like quieter, less bouncy pets.  As for Pokémon… honestly I kinda think both cat and dog Pokémon are a *little* bit overdone at this point, and a lot of the cats are kind of dull… Glameow, Purrloin and Skitty are all pretty generic Pokémon… Litleo and Litten are amusing, I suppose… Espurr is fun; the whole “uncontrollable psychic fury” angle gives her something to stand out.  I’m not sure whether Shinx is a cat or not, but he’s fine.  Solgaleo is all “phenomenal cosmic power” and everything, which is nice.  Zangoose’s species designation is the “Cat Ferret Pokémon” but I’m not entirely sure that counts.  Honestly I think I still like Meowth best; his link to money and fortune is probably the most interesting gimmick any of the cat Pokémon have.  Also Team Rocket’s Meowth from the anime is just a really cool character; some of my favourite episodes are the ones that focus on him.

Dogs… what dogs are there, anyway?  Growlithe is nice… I never really “got” Snubbull, but I suppose the design is certainly interesting… I think Smeargle is a beagle, and I like how quirky he is… I don’t actually know what Electrike is, but Electrike is boring anyway… Poochyena is a hyena but also a dog, and that’s fun… I think Origins basically confirmed that Suicune, Entei and Raikou are supposed to be doglike, and I’ve always loved their story, and been particularly fond of Suicune.  Houndoom is another favourite of mine, because Pokémon needs more literal demons.  Does Lucario count?  Lucario is cool.  Furfrou is Furfrou.  And then in Sun and Moon we got Rockruff and Lycanroc, who have the whole werewolf angle and the day/night thing, which is neat.  Probably Suicune and Houndoom are at the top for me.

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