Anonymous asks:

I agree completely with you! Grass types pokemon have many flaws. Grass was, Is and will always be my favorite. But now for the question, Have you noticed that almos all grass starters have a more passive role than the water and fire ones? They always get a narrower offensive movepool, worse offensive stats than the other ones (Sceptile and Torterra are exceptions and maybe Chesnaught) and have a lower stat total than the other starters? (Sceptile is an exception) Do you think it will change?

Well, I don’t know if you can say “almost all” when three out of the six are exceptions, and the stat totals don’t mean a whole lot (sure, Torterra, Venusaur and Meganium have the lowest base stat totals of any starter Pokémon, but they’re only ten points below Swampert, who’s the highest – it doesn’t actually matter).  Venusaur, Serperior and Chesnaught are great Pokémon, and Grass may be the only starter type that hasn’t yet produced anything completely broken (I’m looking at you, Speed Boost Blaziken and Protean Greninja), but is that a bad thing?  I think the main problem with the Grass starters is the same as the problem with all Grass Pokémon – that Game Freak have convinced themselves that most attack types are somehow not thematically appropriate for Grass Pokémon to have (i.e. Grass Pokémon Don’t Get Nice Things), and Grass itself is one of the weakest offensive types in the game.  There’s also the broader problem that each new generation tends to give fewer tools to Pokémon with defence and support roles than to Pokémon with aggressive roles (except for II, when literally every Pokémon in the game started using Leftovers).  So no, it’s never going to change; that would be way too much effort.

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