Anonymous asks:

Odd question, but do you have a favorite Fakemon, or one that you’re particularly fond of? If yes, what is it and why? Also for obvious reasons you’re not allowed to answer Scribis or Krakentoa :p

Tricky… I have a kinda awkward relationship with fakemon, in that there are clearly several really good ones out there, but there are also a lot of really rather dull ones, and I get bored sifting through to find the good ones… If I had to pick a favourite it’d probably be one of the ones from the BoltBeam project, since they had a good few that I thought were quite inspired… here’s a few that I was most fond of:

Capsikid and Pepricorn for being capsicum Pokémon that aren’t just humanoid chilli peppers, and being a very nice way of fusing two elements that are difficult to combine.
Wulverize for being just really bizarre and interesting.
Arthromemnon for being a very clean, nicely done fulfilment of a fairly simple concept.
Meipale, Pailock and Bakount for having such a cool ‘backstory.’
Niftea and Porslayne for combining a lot of weird design elements very elegantly.
Renownd for making Unown less pointless.
Sarkrend and Sarkrisis for being fossil Pokémon that aren’t just “hey, look at this extinct animal.”
Meurgot and Scaravera for doing something so cool with an interesting cultural phenomenon, and just ‘getting’ the Dark type so much better than a lot of fakemon do.

And honourable mentions to Kabllama and Alpacalypse for having the most awesome names ever.

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