Anonymous asks:

In your opinion, what Pokémon best represent each type and what they’re all about? So like, what’s the most representative Normal-type, Ice-type, Dragon, Ghost, Fairy, Ground, and so on?

Hmmm… wellllll, I’m going to hedge my bets by saying that there are several types, like Normal and Ground, where I don’t know “what they’re all about” and I’m honestly not sure a convincing answer exists, perhaps not even in the minds of Game Freak’s designers, but let’s give it a shot…

Grass: Vileplume
Fire: Charizard
Ground: Mudsdale
Poison: Toxicroak
Electric: Raichu
Water: Kingdra
Rock: Golem
Flying: Pidgeot
Ice: Cryogonal
Normal: Smeargle
Bug: Accelgor
Ghost: Gengar
Fighting: Machamp
Dragon: Salamence
Psychic: Hypno
Dark: Sableye
Steel: Aggron
Fairy: Clefable

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