Anonymous asks:

I hope we get an Ice/Poison type in Alola.

*shrug* Sure.

…were you hoping for more?

*sigh* Fine, fine, whatever.  The setting makes me feel like this will not be a generation that favours Ice-types, but then, Hoenn was subtropical and they still got an ice cave location, so there’s no reason it’s impossible.  What would you do with Ice/Poison…?

Okay so I just googled “poisonous arctic animals” and was told that the most toxic arctic animals are actually orca whales because of the way environmental pollutants become more concentrated in animals’ bodies at every ascending level of the food chain, and this is both interesting and concerning but honestly not quite what I hoped for when I entered that particular query.  I mean, I guess you could make a Pokémon out of that, but then you run into questions like “where did the uncontaminated Pokémon of this species go?” and “why haven’t other species been affected in this way?”

It’s just a very… odd combination.  I’m having trouble coming up with anything that blends the two in an interesting way.  I mean, you could just slap poison on an arctic or antarctic animal, or slap cold adaptation on a poisonous animal, but that’s a little ham-fisted.  Venom that progressively freezes the victim, perhaps?  Or go the other way and have icicles infused with venom, that poison you when they break the skin?  I can’t think of a good animal to hang it all on, though.  Maybe a sort of… poisonous arctic porcupine thing.  Eh; I’m just not really feeling anything I can think of.

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