Chris the Pokemaniac asks:

I think you’d like this one

Wait, wait, you- no, no, hang on, no, I’m Chris the Pokémaniac, that’s me! You’re not me!

…unless you’re… me from the future…? In which case you’re enacting the Sarpedon Contingency and you’re here to kill me… or you’ve promised your own soul to an eldritch entity from beyond the Seventh Veil and you’re here to kill me… or you’re from an alternate timeline that doesn’t have my recipe for sour cherry cheesecake and you’re here to kill me.

Well, whichever one it is, I guess I’d better answer the question.

“Hi, this a continuation of my theory Pokemon Cults, Infinite Energy and how it shaped the Pokemon World.

Ohhhhh boy, this again.

I had… mixed feelings about that first part? There are some ideas in there that I really like, and some things that I think just go way too far. That probably comes down to philosophical differences, and how far you think different generations of Pokémon games should be read as part of the same “text”; I think I’m more on the side of “these are separate visions of the Pokémon world that are meant to stand on their own” than most Pokémon fans are. I think that a new region is usually meant to be a new start (to a greater or lesser degree – Unova being greater, Johto being lesser) and that it should take fairly compelling evidence to make us see connections between them, rather than vague half-references and similar-looking geometric symbols. I think it’s a better fit with the designers’ intent, and also more realistic. Having said that, I am open to bucking the designers’ intent if I think it makes the world feel more complete and more interesting.

And upon reading this, I like it better than the last lot of stuff; what it’s trying to prove is pretty self-contained and its leaps of logic aren’t nearly as big. I think the suggestion that Claydol’s physical form is related to Celesteela is very compelling; the key, to me, is that the cited Pokédex entries are new to generation VII, which gives us good reason to suspect a deliberate reference to a seventh-generation Pokémon. And it’s plausible to me that someone put this in as a clever little reference to the real-world conspiracy theories about the alien origins of the shakoki-dogu, though I’d stop short of agreeing that the Ultra Recon Squad’s visors are meant to reference the icons’ “goggle”-like eyes.

The “over 20,000 years ago” number is not one I would attach a great deal of confidence to, since I don’t trust the Pokédex with numbers. I suspect that at the time it was first included (Sapphire version) it was just meant to signify “old enough”; it could also be a reference to the Willendorf Venus (24,000-30,000 years old) or something. Besides that, I don’t think it’s specified anywhere that the first Baltoy and Claydol came to life shortly after their creation – they could have been 10,000 year-old relics already before the event that gave them life. And I’m also not sure anyone at Game Freak actually has a consistent timeline for major (pre)historical events in the Pokémon world. But the exact date isn’t actually important to the argument anyway, so whatevs.

The real meat of this is the suggestion that the “light” that animated Baltoy is the light devoured by Necrozma, which we know is the same as the light of the Z-Crystals and the Totem auras, and has previously been argued to be the same as the light of the Mega Stones, the light of the Ultimate Weapon, the light of evolution, and the life force of all Pokémon. I think I can go along with Baltoy being animated by Necrozma, although Lunala and Solgaleo seem like equally plausible candidates to me – Necrozma’s a prism, and although the Ultra Recon Squad claim it once produced its own light, there’s no indication that anyone in Alola is familiar with that incarnation of it, so in previous visits to Alola it would have been radiating light it stole from elsewhere. Evaluating the rest of the connection… would require me to wade through all the alchemical/kabbalistic nonsense of the previous argument, which, I’m going to be honest, I don’t want to do. Just skimming it quickly, I really intensely dislike the idea of Necrozma being part of a cosmic order established by Arceus, when everything else about the portrayal of Necrozma and the Ultra Beasts is meant to paint them as external invaders, and we’ve explicitly been told that they’re a riff on the concept of invasive species (also, even if you’re already committed to the idea that Game Freak is super into alchemy, how you can read a description of mercury as “the poison-dripping dragon” and think that this has something to do with Necrozma, rather than immediately thinking instead of Naganadel, is beyond me).

The idea of Baltoy being native to Alola and then brought to Hoenn by traders… I mean, I buy it, sure, and the link between the Seafolk and Pacifidlog Town is there, but I’m not sure we ever really expect to be given historically consistent reasons for how a particular species of Pokémon got to any given region. Also, like… Baltoy can Teleport. Not clear what the max range on that is, or what its limitations are, or whether there are landmasses between Alola and Hoenn that might allow island hopping, but wild Baltoy can move around on their own, and they’ve had god-knows-how-many-thousand years to get there.

And… Arceus symbol in Hala’s house? Is… that referring to the red ring-like pattern in the tapestry above the back window? I mean, I suppose it is… a little bit like the shape of the ring around Arceus’ body, but… has an official source ever used that shape as a symbol to represent Arceus? It doesn’t appear in the Sinjoh Ruins or the Hall of Origin or anything [EDIT: actually, the Hoopa movie does this]. See, this is what bugs me about this stuff. Someone sees a geometric pattern in one game that looks kinda like a geometric pattern in an unrelated context in another game and suddenly we all have to start reading up on the history of fµ¢&ing Gnosticism to even understand what they’re trying to claim!

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