Toxapex asks:

Do you think it’s awesome that Landorus-Therian is the best Pokemon in standard competitive singles? I do.

I mean, broadly, no, not really; as a top-level design and worldbuilding principle I would prefer for most legendary Pokémon not to be usable at all under normal circumstances, and I would also, as a separate issue, like for them not to dominate the competitive game. But this is a very “old man yells at cloud” opinion that you shouldn’t concern yourself with too much.

7 thoughts on “Toxapex asks:

      1. No matter how cool it looks, the fact is that that’s exactly what any sane person would have expected to happen.


  1. Mechanically Landorus-T is just really good glue. Designwise, in my super-humble opinion, it might have been better if it also looked like a stick of glue.*

    *When I look at Landorus-T’s model now I realize that it’s… ok? It looks incredibly silly and off-putting, and expertly combines human and animal traits as though it was intentionally fine-tuned to be the antithesis of furbait. Perhaps it even deserves the Mr. Mime seal of approval?


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