Blog Status: Normal??

We haven’t talked in a while.  We should do that.

I spent most of the last year in Greece, participating in an intensive study program for PhD students in classical studies that takes us to archaeological sites all over the country and gives us opportunities for “backstage access” that would be impossible for almost anyone else (culminating in the incredible opportunity to spend three nights on the holy island of Delos – since there’s no modern town on Delos, any normal group would have to take the afternoon ferry back to Mykonos every day).  A priceless experience that I wouldn’t trade for almost anything, but… less than ideal for blog productivity, I have to admit.  Continue reading “Blog Status: Normal??”

Anonymous asks:

hi u ok

Yes!  Uh, probably.  Still living in Athens; for a little bit I was on Delos where no one actually lives and the internet is crap, and in a few weeks I’ll be going to Corinth for a dig (or, I mean, people will be digging; I’ve been promised a chance to sit in the museum and play with the Roman window glass from previous excavation seasons, so… yay!).  Not super busy this month, so you should see some more stuff here for once!  Want to try and do Mudsdale this week, and another one the week after.  And I’ve been working on… another minor thing… Greece-related rather than Pokémon-related… that you may all be able to read in some form in the months to come (apologies for being mysterious but I don’t want to promise things before I know I can deliver them). Continue reading “Anonymous asks:”

Also, an announcement

Jim the Editor (originally so called because he proofreads all my writing for this blog, but now he’s also learning sound and video editing and is thus multiple kinds of editor at once) has just started a Youtube channel and begun a Let’s Play of Pokémon Fire Red version, run through a randomiser, using the bull$#!t drunken card game Nuzlocke-lite rules I posted a few weeks ago (which he has dubbed a “KingsLocke”).  It promises to make about as much sense as everything else we do here at Pokémaniacal.  Check out the channel here, and be sure to let him know if you like the first video!

oh hey, Tumblr changed the way its html editor works so that now, in every post I’ve ever written with a captioned image, the caption appears off to the side of the image instead of underneath and looks like it’s supposed to be part of the body text

I honestly don’t think I’ve ever liked a single change Tumblr has made to literally anything in the five years I’ve been using it; it just gets steadily clunkier and more opinionated about how it thinks my formatting should look.  Like, you could honestly just fire/execute the entire development team and revert to the 2012 version of the platform and I think I would probably be happier with that.  I mean, WHAT, in the name of all that is holy, was the feature that necessitated automatically translating copy-pasted text from Microsoft Word into an IMAGE OF THE TEXT, something that no one on earth has ever wanted for any purpose, and am I really the only person frustrated by having to work around it by copy-pasting twice via an e-mail program?

whaddya say we ditch this bull$#!t and migrate to WordPress or something; how does that sound

like, I don’t know what else is out there or what would be the best fit but it seems like Tumblr just gets harder to use every six months or so and I seriously cannot be fµ¢&ed anymore

Check out this thing; I command it

My BFF, Jim the Editor, who proofreads everything on this blog and helps me think over most of the questions I receive, has a new podcast, starting in a few days.  He calls it Nearly Experts, and it is a series of interviews with PhD students from around the world and in different fields about their research, their lives, and academia (I do not feature in season 1, because Jim and his recording studio are at the University of St. Andrews in Scotland, whereas I normally live in Ohio and am currently spending a year in Greece, but the stars may yet align for me to make an appearance in season 2).  If that sounds like the sort of thing you might be interested in, check out the introductory episode below!

Vikingboybilly asks:

Are you out on a dig again?

Actually, I hit crunch time on submitting a proposal for my PhD thesis topic.  But I survived that, my topic was approved (I’m going to be researching the role of window glass in the evolution and social meaning of Roman architecture), and my students in the Roman Civilisation class mostly did pretty well too.  I’m going back to New Zealand for a bit in late June, then from there to Athens in late August for a year-long intensive study program.  It’s… pretty full-on, from what I’ve heard, but since I’ll be staying at a cushy research institute, my internet access will be much better than when I head out to the middle of nowhere for an archaeological dig, so it’s hard to say how often or how long I’ll vanish.

Anonymous asks:



I recently chose to spend some time dead, for tax reasons

Accordingly, I booked a few weeks at a luxury resort in the inner ring of the seventh circle of hell, concealed my treasures within a hermetic vault beneath the Southern Alps, and arranged my own murder at the hands of an international cabal of mystic assassins

My remaining agents on the mortal plane have now established a psychic link to allow me to answer reader questions, as well as orchestrate terrible vengeance against all those who have abandoned my service or otherwise wronged me during my absence, in preparation for my inevitable resurrection

The ritual will commence shortly; please do not be alarmed if you are struck by falling frogs while outside, and if you have pets, try to keep a qualified translator of Old Babylonian on hand to record any instructions they may give you