Anonymous asks:

Trend is a bit too strong a word, but I’ve noticed in your reviews of new Pokemon, specifically version-exclusive Pokemon, you tend to prefer one over the other. Cf Cottonee/Petilil, Solosis/Gothita, Clauncher/Skrelp. Would you care to talk about the implications of version exclusivity at all? (I mean, beyond the natural selling point of forcing people either to make new friends or buy two versions of the same game.)

Well, I talked a little about this here, and honestly I tried to think of some point to it beyond driving more sales, but didn’t come up with anything.  In gameplay terms I think that particular aspect of the paired-game concept is obsolete, because version-exclusive Pokémon are among the smallest obstacles to finishing a Pokédex today.  So is there anything else to it?  I suppose it would be something if you could argue that the sets of version-exclusive Pokémon say something about the character of the games they appear on – like if you could say, for instance, that Ekans, Vileplume, Primeape, Arcanine, Scyther and Electabuzz somehow thematically “go with” Red/Fire/Charizard in a way that Sandslash, Victreebel, Persian, Ninetales, Pinsir and Magmar do not.  And I think maybe you can almost say that for the Ruby and Sapphire sets, but you really have to stretch some of them to make it fit.  Or perhaps you could conjecture that the different versions represent different seasons, or something along those lines, so that Red version represents the experience of a trainer who started a journey in winter rather than summer (that doesn’t work for generation V, of course, which actually has a season mechanic), or something else along those lines.  In the end I really don’t think there’s much you can draw out of it.

Anonymous asks:

How would you design a Champion? I don’t mean in terms of visual design, but personal character and team composition. What kind of profession would they have (if any)? What would their personality be like? What type or theme would they specialize in (if any)? And, of course, what Pokémon would you give them?


Well, we’ve had a rival, a superhero, a geologist, a mythographer, an adventurer, a dragon princess, and an actress… what would I like to have next?  Maybe… a politician, a leader?  Someone whose philosophy revolves around responsibility, duty, and community?  This champion is the mayor of a major city that the player visits on their journey.  They’re not on the front lines of crises like Lance, Steven or Alder; instead they’re leading from behind, making sure everyone is where they need to be, when they need to be, protecting civilians from chaos, and taking charge in recovery efforts after disasters.  In interactions with the player, they constantly stress the responsibility of Pokémon trainers to use their power and skills for the good of all, and challenge the player to think about how their journey is benefiting people and Pokémon other than themselves.  In battle, this Champion’s Pokémon are all Normal-types (because Normal-types need some love), focusing on those that value protectiveness, loyalty or industry – Stoutland, Pyroar, Braviary, Diggersby (with Huge Power, of course) and Sawsbuck, with Mega Kangaskhan to cap it all off.

Anonymous asks:

I don’t know if you’ve looked closely at the screenshots from Pokemon Sun and Moon, but if you have what are your thoughts on the bird Pokemon they show. Do you think it will be another generic starter bird? Maybe a starter?

Okay so something you should understand about me is that I am a terrible, awful wet blanket when it comes to pre-release speculation.  Like, pretty much anything that anyone says at this point, my reaction is “yeah but there is literally no way you can prove that so I don’t care.”  Case in point, with that half-finished wireframe model we saw for a few seconds, I’m not even 100% convinced it wasn’t a Skarmory.  I mean, it’s probably not because it looked like it had some kind of poofy headdress thing, but the first time I saw that trailer it honestly didn’t even occur to me that I might be looking at a new Pokémon at all.  And even once we get that far, I just have zero interest in using such incredibly scanty information to make vague and poorly informed guesses about something that we’re just going to be straight up told in a few months anyway.  I’m boring like that.

I much prefer making vague and poorly informed guesses about subjects that Game Freak is never going to give us more information about.  That way I can never be definitively proven wrong!  Muwhahahahaha!

Anonymous asks:

What do you think the Sun/Moon region will be like? The ad seems to play up the inclusion of Simplified Chinese, so maybe a province of China?

Not really sure – I mean, I think to say that they were “playing up” the inclusion of Chinese is rather a misreading of the ad; it seemed to me much more like they were showing off the number of languages rather than any one in particular, which is perfectly consistent with the way Pokémon has been explicitly emphasising its status as an international phenomenon for several years now.  But I suppose it’s as good a guess as any.  I’ve talked before about wanting to see a Pokémon region based on India, but China (or part of China) would be a good choice as well, for many of the same reasons.  Chinese mythology might then produce a three-legged crow Pokémon for the sun and a rabbit Pokémon for the moon, so if you think China is a likely source of inspiration, watch for those.

Anonymous asks:

What’s one event in the pokemon anime that you would change if you could?

Tricky… I think anything I would want to change about the anime would involve more sweeping changes of style or worldbuilding, stuff that you can’t really get rid of by changing a single event.  I mean, there are things that annoy me – like Primeape leaving Ash in the way and at the time that he did, I think was really rather misplayed – but I don’t know if any of those are worth the kind of “if you could change one thing” idea that you’re getting at.  I suppose more than anything else I would want (if it counts as just “one event”) to fix the cutting off of the GS Ball storyarc, which at the time seemed like it would be really important but ultimately was just forgotten after Ash left the ball with Kurt.  I’m just not sure what I would necessarily do with it…

Anonymous asks:

Odd question, but do you have a favorite Fakemon, or one that you’re particularly fond of? If yes, what is it and why? Also for obvious reasons you’re not allowed to answer Scribis or Krakentoa :p

Tricky… I have a kinda awkward relationship with fakemon, in that there are clearly several really good ones out there, but there are also a lot of really rather dull ones, and I get bored sifting through to find the good ones… If I had to pick a favourite it’d probably be one of the ones from the BoltBeam project, since they had a good few that I thought were quite inspired… here’s a few that I was most fond of:

Capsikid and Pepricorn for being capsicum Pokémon that aren’t just humanoid chilli peppers, and being a very nice way of fusing two elements that are difficult to combine.
Wulverize for being just really bizarre and interesting.
Arthromemnon for being a very clean, nicely done fulfilment of a fairly simple concept.
Meipale, Pailock and Bakount for having such a cool ‘backstory.’
Niftea and Porslayne for combining a lot of weird design elements very elegantly.
Renownd for making Unown less pointless.
Sarkrend and Sarkrisis for being fossil Pokémon that aren’t just “hey, look at this extinct animal.”
Meurgot and Scaravera for doing something so cool with an interesting cultural phenomenon, and just ‘getting’ the Dark type so much better than a lot of fakemon do.

And honourable mentions to Kabllama and Alpacalypse for having the most awesome names ever.

pixel3r asks:

Wishful Thinking: The anime is getting rid of Ash, and is going to start the next generation’s anime with a totally new protagonist. And YOU have the opportunity to design them~ What sort of character do you design?

Hard to say… a lot of Ash’s existing personality traits are actually kind of useful ones for a main character to have, like it’s actually good for your main character in a fantasy world to be a little bit clueless, because the audience can learn about the world as they learn, and Ash’s enthusiasm for battling and capturing Pokémon are important for getting people to buy into the main premises of the franchise.  So it’s probably good to keep those things… to an extent, anyway.  But what might be different?  Well, it would be nice to have the protagonist be a girl, for a change… and we could contrast Ash, who is if anything overly friendly with Pokémon he’s just met, with a character who has a bit more difficulty bonding with Pokémon, and has an initially more standoffish relationship with them, more like Gary… add a very curious, analytical bent, sort of like Red from Origins, to play into the Pokédex quest and the theme of exploration… something like that, I think.

Anonymous asks:

do you have a crush on a pokemon character? and if you don’t, who’s the most fitting to have a crush on? (i know this is weird but meh whatevs) p.s. i’ve been shipping you with silver huehue

…you’re right, this is weird.

Anyway, the first answer is no, and the second is that I’m… not really sure what you mean by “most fitting”?  Like… I guess someone who is roughly your age, for starters?  And, uh… has a good moral character?  Hell, I don’t know; it’s not my job to tell people who they can and can’t write erotic fan fiction about.

Anonymous asks:

What would you say are the Pokémon that best exemplify the five Contest categories?

Mmmm… tricky…

Well, beauty has to be Milotic, right?  ‘cause originally Milotic’s very evolution was tied to the beauty stat, and no other Pokémon has that kind of connection.

I reckon cleverness and toughness are probably Alakazam and Machamp respectively, since in the original games they sort of form an opposed pair of brain and brawn.

Coolness is hard because it’s something that you know when you see it but is hard to define; if you look at the moves associated with it, they tend to be either flashy, dynamic and powerful or quick and accurate, so there are kind of two aesthetics blended in there.  I think I can probably appeal to popular authority, though, and say without fear of contradiction that the coolest Pokémon of all time is Charizard.

Cuteness is downright impossible because there are so many Pokémon you quite justifiably could pick.  Also I happen to think Dunsparce is the cutest Pokémon ever but I suspect this is a minority view on my part.  I might have picked Pikachu for this because of his universal popularity, but Cosplay Pikachu firmly establishes him as being linked with all five categories.  The best I think I can do is narrow it down to two – Eevee or Togepi – because I think the concept of ‘cuteness’ implies the potential for growth, and those are both Pokémon for whom that’s a really important design element.