Anonymous asks:

Are you going to talk about the final two episodes Pokémon Generations at any point? I already have an idea as to how you might like them…

…the final two episodes of what now?

…oh f#%& that’s right I was doing that whole thing

and then I started playing Moon version and forgot about it


Let’s give ‘em a paragraph each now!

So episode 17 is the Looker storyline from X and Y, with Emma, Mimi the Espurr, and Essentia.  The episode takes place as Looker and Mimi are pursuing Essentia through Lumiose City, but also includes substantial flashbacks to Looker’s previous experiences with Emma.  We see Mimi recognising Essentia as Emma (who responds by kicking her away, a much more brutal rejection than we get in the games), followed by a chase that ends in Lysandre Café.  Once Essentia is cornered, Mimi strikes her faceplate, destroying it and rendering Emma conscious again (we don’t see Xerosic or the hidden lab).  This is… fine, I suppose.  I still despise Looker passionately, but the Essentia storyline was interesting, and Generations gives Mimi a bit more emotion that implies some of the depth of her relationship with Emma.  Not much more to say about it.

Episode 18, the last Generations short, is set at the parade held for Calem, the male player character of X and Y, after he becomes Champion.  In the games, this parade is the occasion for a battle with AZ, the ancient king of Kalos, after which he finds inner peace and is reunited with his Floette.  The same happens here, but instead of showing us the battle, most of the episode is occupied by a woman in the audience narrating AZ’s story to her daughter, accompanied by images of the tale.  As is the theme for Generations, this is all stuff we already knew perfectly well from the games, but I suppose it’s nice to have it all in one place.  AZ built the Ultimate Weapon as a resurrection device, sacrificed the lives of hundreds of Pokémon to power it, and after restoring his Floette, turned its magic to destructive ends in order to get revenge on the opposing faction in Kalos’ civil war.  Floette, horrified by both AZ’s sacrifice and his later vengeful acts, abandoned him, and they were apart for the next three thousand years, until he came to terms with what he’d done.  Again, like… we knew all that, but it’s nice to have the video.

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