The Pokémaniacal New Year’s Speed-Nuzlocke-stravaganza IV



Though Slippery Sue’s numerous contacts, an independent contractor has been hired to deal with the trees in our path – paid in cash and onions.




We could go fight a difficult battle against a master of Electric Pokémon to win a shiny bit of plastic and permission to fly in Kanto…

…or we could take a lucrative contract smuggling goods through Rock Tunnel.




Sssssslippery Ssssssue the sssssstealthy ssssssmuggler has attained an even greater level of ssssssskill!



Is that a… Pokéball…? …eh, whatever, just throw it in the shipment with all the other smuggled goods.



Cover of darkness means that no one – not even our own Detective Doug – can see all of the exceptionally illegal goods we’re taking to Lavender Town.  Of course, it also means we can’t see a damn thing.



We have been joined by Geolass – a naïve young girl raised in the darkness who dreams of swashbuckling adventures in the light!



Detective Doug expands his arsenal of crimefighting, yet still remains blissfully unaware of everything happening under his nose.



The team stumbles, blinking against the glare, out of Rock Tunnel: Evil Steve, the Beedrill mastermind, Ssssslippery Sssssue the Arbok smuggler, Rod the Radish, their Gloom gardener and trusty contact in the vegetable market, Jolene, the greatest top percentage Onix-slaying warrior Raticate in history, her trusted Pidgeotto friend Toni, and Detective Doug, the incompetent detective who is just so close to noticing all the ridiculously illegal stuff they’re doing.

…and Jim has fallen asleep on the couch and is snoring like a tractor.  So I think perhaps for now we should call it a night, and continue this some other time.  Happy Two Thousand and Whatever-It-Is to all the Pokémon and trainers of the world, and to all, a good night!

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